Monday, November 02, 2009

Summer - Fall

Ryder LOVES when he and Matix can be dressed alike, so Gramma got the perfect present for Matix and Ryder--matching sweatshirts.
Matix's 1st bday celebration with Chris' family.

Ryder and Matix playing outside the screen window and in Bali's dog door.

Matix is our early walker. He took his 1st steps at 9.5 months and was totally walking at 10.5 months. He just turned a year on Oct. 29th.

Ryder's 1st Dodger Game. He asked us to take him to a Dodger Game everyday for about a month. He not only got to enjoy the game but he was able to run the bases after the game.

Chris is in heaven everytime I dress them in their matching UCLA shirts. It is probably Chris' dream for one of them to play for UCLA football someday.

Here is our Moosie!

Matix-- 9 months.

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