Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I was the "Run-a-way Bride" at a costume party that I had to go solo to b/c Chris was sick.
How many kids cry and won't eat their cupcake on their birthday...only a FrithSmith/Sathre...we are not cake fans.

My little Halloween baby...well the 29th, but I came home from the hospital on Halloween last year.

On our way to go trick-or-treating at the Bridgeport Marketplace on the 30th. My favorite "treat" was 2 free kids meals at Daphines.

Awana: Dress like a Bible Character Night. Ryder LOVED dressing up like a shepherd--esp. b/c he got to carry a "staff" all night.

This was our last round of Halloween Celebrations. This is the actual night of trick-or-treating. We hung in our neighborhood a bit and then went and treated with some friends.

Superman--if you can believe it...this is my little brother Brian's cape.

I'm all about not spending money on Halloween costumes. Hey you want to be a dirt bike rider for Halloween (b/c we have all the clothes for actually riding)? Mom you are the coolest! I have the best costume ever!

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